Greetings to you all 
It is an enormous honour to have the opportunity to serve as your President. I would like to thank you all on behalf of the elected Executive Committee for your support and entrusting us with the responsibility of leading our organisation. 
As I begin my new role, I am keen to develop a clear vision of our short and long term goals. I aim to use this vision to inform a strategy to help achieve our objectives over the duration of our tenure. 
I have stated some of the emerging strategic priorities going forward with our mission. 
A key priority will be the development of relationships with influential organisations within the United Kingdom such as the Royal Colleges, General Medical Council, NHS and medical schools, and similar organisations across Northern Europe. 
Another key area for APPNE is to be the bridge between junior and senior members of our fraternity and to bring British Asian graduates on board. I would actively encourage all British Asian Pakistani doctors to be part of APPNE , so we can take forward the mission of our organisation and achieve success on multiple levels with their support. 
Our strength lies in the membership. As members, your support, guidance, contribution and participation in all future APPNE endeavours is critical to our success. We would be requesting members to partake in activities and represent APPNE both nationally and internationally. 
We will work in advisory capacities with various regulatory and training bodies to improve medical infrastructures and the quality of medical education in Pakistan, develop student exchange programs and support Pakistani doctors intending to travel to Europe for higher education and Post Graduate training. 
I envision APPNE as a united platform where we can come together to offer educational opportunities, mentoring and career counselling, guidance on post graduate training, and work collectively supporting healthcare, educational, social and charitable causes both in Northern Europe and Pakistan 
We aim to recognise expertise and excellence within our fraternity and work on the three principles of recognition, representation and collaboration. We will be networking with key healthcare and educational organisations in Pakistan to help develop working partnerships based on the ethos of scholarship and advocacy. 
As your President , I assure you that I will do my best to meet your expectations and execute all responsibilities to the best of my ability. 
I pledge to implement the values of integrity, transparency , accountability, and honesty at all cost. 
I envisage your active involvement and participation in APPNE future projects. Do let us know if you would like to be involved with our activities. 
Greetings to you all 
I am thankful to all members who had overwhelmingly voted for me during the electoral process for their General Secretary of APPNE. I would thank the members for entrusting me with this role. 
The role of General Secretary is pivotal in working and development of this new organisation and I understand the responsibility this post carries. 
I am looking forward to working with APPNE President, executives and wider membership to set new goals and enact the laid down missions for APPNE. I am very optimistic that the constructive vision and aims we carry is a path for a brighter future for the medical fraternity in UK and Northern Europe. 
I believe 2019 will be full of positive results, excellence, new initiatives, leadership and growth for our organization. Our success will be based on teamwork, unity, partnerships and creativity. I have outlined some of initiatives and objectives which are important to me and I would aspire to achieve them during my tenure. 
Strengthening Educational Initiatives: 
Educational activities would remain pivotal with APPNE, I strongly believe that our work should not just focus overseas but be useful for doctors in the UK and Northern Europe. I would ensue that it remains useful for all medical graduates. In my role as General Secretary, I have met with Director International Relations of College of Physicians and Surgeons of Pakistan, Vice Chancellor of various Medical Universities and the educational Lead of APPNA to discuss ways in which APPNE can strengthen medical education in Pakistan. We would be working towards regular seminars locally as well as in Pakistan. 
Representing BME doctors at GMC: 
Following on from growing concerns amongst the junior doctors following Dr. Hadiza BawaGarba case and the ongoing observation of excessive unproportionate referrals to GMC of BME doctors, I feel APPNE as a democratically elected represented body can play a positive role in raising awareness and forwarding concerns of its members to GMC. I have joined the BME doctor forum at GMC and am actively participating, I would urge all members to participate and forward constructive suggestions which I could ensure, would be raised at BME forum. 
Strengthening Governance Infrastructure of APPNE : 
It is extremely important to me that governance structures are robust and I will work to lay down processes which will ensure that the constitution is followed. It will place us in a stronger position and help attract more participation and further growth of our membership. 
Transparency : 
I believe in being honest and open at all times, regardless of results. Our goal is to have financial transparency and disclosure to avoid situations which can affect the foundation of our new institution. 
Strengthen APPNE Component Societies : 
I strongly believe that we should tap into the immense talent of our executives and members and diversify the leadership of various work streams to the executive team and members for bringing greater sharing of best practices. I will be working to build a APPNE platform which is visible to not only UK graduates but also overseas Pakistani graduates. These would be platforms for professional networking, advocacy, think tank discussions around UK and International medical missions, youth mentorship, social and entertainment activities. 
Thank you for considering me for this position. I am eager to serve the members along with our team and contribute to this great organization. 
We request you all to get involved, volunteer and continue providing your feedback. 
I will end with a quote from Ronald Regan. 
“The greatest leader is not necessarily the one who does the greatest things. He is the one that gets the people to do the greatest things.” 

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