APPNE Education 

Work in a GP Practice - Life & Work Balance - How to Cope with Work Pressure 

Public Health Webinars 

APPNE & WNTV Series-Apr-22 
APPNE & WNTV Series-Apr-May'21 


20th NOV'21 AT B5 7QU 





Word Count 250 max for abstract (Excluding title & authors) 
Abstract to be sent to by 2/10/21 
Format: Introduction, Methods, Results & Conclusion 
Information details on the poster Presentation will be sent following selection of abstracts & certificate will only be given to the presenter. 
16th ERCP & 12th Colonoscopy workshop 
NHS Pension & Age Discrimination Webinar-28th Sep'21 
BIDA National Conference-19th June'21 
South East Asian History month. COVID- Unity  
BSIG 5th June'21 
APPNE & Indus Health Network-A Vital Discussion on Covid'19 Impact on People of Pakistan-8th May'21 
Grand Round on Complications of Diabetes-27th Mar'21 
Grand Round-Breast Cancer Management 13th March 
IPPA Med-27th Feb'21 
BIDA National Conference 2021-6th Feb'21 

APPNA MERIT Critical Care Nursing Course-2nd Jan'21  

Grand Round on Breast Surgery-16th Jan'21 

 Levelling the Field-4th Dec  

 Jsmuaana Winter Meeting 6th Dec'20 

Jinnah Sindh Medical University, 2nd International Research Symposium 25th Dec'20 

APPNA Merit Family Practice Specialty Rotations Series 

9th Jan'21 

31th Oct'20 

24th Oct'20 

17th Oct'20 

10th Oct'20 

APPNE ENT 2nd Webinar- 1st Nov'20 

Reflective Practice Groups for BAME and other Healthcare Professionals-10th Oct'20 

CV writing & Interview Skills for Doctors 19th Sep'20  

APPNE ENT 1st Webinar 27th Sep'20  

Mental Health Webinar Series 

4th: Sleep During the COVID Pandemic 

Watch Below: 

3rd: Managing the Mental Health of Children & Adolescents  

Watch Below: 

2nd: Moral Injury, Emotional Exhaustion & Compassion Fatigue 

Watch Below: 

1st: Coping with Loss & Bereavement During Pandemic 

Watch Below: 

8th: Negotiating Uncertainty, Covid'19 & Beyond 

7th: Working from Home During Pandemic 

6th: Maintaining a mindset while dealing with Covid 

5th: Managing Potential Stress of Organisational Change 

APPNE Webinar Series for Yaran-e-Watan-Covid'19 

Acute Management of COVID'19 

Cardiorespiratory Diseases & Covid'19 

Impact of COVID'19 on Surgery 

Watch Below: 

Covid'19 in Pregnancy & Children 

Watch Below: 

Career Guidance Webinars 

 Introduction to NHS Training System   

 Career Guidance-3meem  

 A Guide to Specialty Training-The application 

 How to Enter Core Psychiatry Training in UK 

 APPNE PDGR Seminar for IMGs in Gulf 

 APPNE IMG Webinar for IMG in Europe 

 APPNE IMG Webinar for IMG in Europe 

More Covid Webinars 

Post COVID Challenges in GI Services   

Beyond the Pandemic- The New Normal  

International Meeting on Practical Aspects of COVID'19\  

APPNE & doctHERS- Educational Programme for Yaran-e-Watan Mental Health & Covid-19 

Lectures & Events 

APPNE Annual Meet- CPD event  

APPNE Annual Meet- CPD event  

APPNE Annual Meet-Translating Recent Advances into practices 

Breast Surgery Workshop at Jinnah Postgraduate Medical Centre  (JPMC)  

Breast Surgery: Challenges & updates- Agha Khan University 

Educational Event Sep'19 
A half day educational event  
organised by APPNE for young  
trainee and international graduates. 
Taught by experienced NHS  
consultants Topics addressed range 
from "Challenges for International 
Graduates" by Dr Saqib Ghani,  
"Teaching in Clinical  
Environment" by Dr Amir Burney &  
"Burn out in Medical professionals"  
by Mrs Jamila Shahid. 
2nd APPNE & CPSP Tutorial  
Organised with the help of Professor Shuaib Shafi and Professor Tanwir Khaliq Dean Faculty of Surgery. 
The lecture delivered by Mr Jawad Ahmed General Laparascopic and Robotic HPB Consultant from University Hospital Coventry & Warwickshire. APPNE and CPSP continues with its tutorials where postgraduates will be taught state of the art techniques to perform a safe cholecystectomy. 
1st APPNE & CPSP Lecture 
Organised with the help of Professor  
Shuaib Shafi and Professor Tanwir Khaliq Dean  
Faculty of Surgery.Following its mission  
statement & constitution "To promote  
education activities in Pakistan" APPNE 
 and CPSP arranges a lecture in the form of a  
webinarconference. Mr Syed Iftikhar Yousef  
Consultant Upper GI Surgeon at Derby Teaching 
Hospital delivers a state of the art lecture in the 
Advances in Management of Oesophageal Cancer  
aimed at postgraduate and trainee doctors. 
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