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A historic date for the Pakistani medical diaspora with the signing of a Charter of Affiliation between the Association of Pakistani Physicians of Northern Europe (APPNE) and the Irish Pakistani Professional Association (IPPA). 
To conduct the official proceedings an online event was organised on Friday 29th January 2021, with participation from both associations and attendance by representatives of mainstream media. 
A memorandum of understanding (MOU) was in place previously between the two associations signed in November 2019. 
President Dr Amir Burney and General Secretary Mr Irfan Akhtar (APPNE) with President Mr Khalid Sarwar Khan and General Secretary Dr Haroon Khan (IPPA) and the IPPA negotiation team worked collaboratively to bring this vision to reality. They were ably supported by Dr Hasan Jawed , Mr Mehboob Mirza, Mr Umar Daraz Khan and members of the APPNE constitutional committee including Dr Afzal Sawal, Dr Iram Saeed, Ms Sadaf Jafferbhoy and Hasan Jawed who drew up the COA document that will now act as the formal agreement between the two associations. 
The proceedings started with verses from Holy Quran followed by the National Anthem of Pakistan. 
A formal signing of the Charter of Affiliation took place in real time and an electronic copy was signed as well using the docusign app. 
Also in attendance from APPNE included Social Secretary Dr Hisham Haq, Treasurer Mr Awais Shaikh , Executive Committee Members Dr Aamir Ayub, Mr Naseem Waraich, Dr Afzal Sawal ,Dr Hasan Jawed and APPNE Trustees Mr Amir Khan and Mr Umar Daraz Khan. 
From IPPA in attendance were Executive Committee Members IPPA Mr Absar Mirza, Dr Mujeebullah Arain, Mr Mujeeb Awan, Dr Fazal Memon, Mr Zubair Siddiqui and Dr Muhammad Mukhtar. 
Mr Rana Abdullah C92 news, Mr Farid Qureshi ARY network and Khalid Hameed Khan from GEO network Europe were invited and very kindly attended the meeting. 
The Presidents, General Secretaries and members of both associations welcomed this historic moment and stressed the need to benefit medical professionals of both United Kingdom and Ireland. They recognised this agreement as an opportunity to work collaboratively to improve healthcare systems in Pakistan. 
A dua was made for the prosperity of our nations, that both associations succeed, continue to work and excel in future. 
The meeting was attended by the following 
President Dr Amir Burney 
General Secretary(Former) Mr Irfan Akhter 
Acting General Secretary Mr Mehboob Mirza 
Social Secretary Hisham Haq 
Treasurer Awais Shaikh 
Executive Committee Members including 
Dr Hasan Jawed 
Dr Afzal Sawal 
Dr Aamir Ayub 
Mr Naseem Waraich 
Mr Amir Khan and Mr Umar Daraz Khan 
President Mr Khalid Sarwar Khan 
General Secretary Mr Haroon Khan 
Mr Absar Mirza, 
Dr Mujeebullah Arain, 
Mr Mujeeb Awan, 
Dr Fazal Memon, 
Mr Zubair Siddiqui 
Dr Muhammad Mukhtar 
Mr Rana Abdullah C92 news, 
Mr Farid Qureshi ARY network 
Khalid Hameed Khan GEO network Europe 
Mr Mehboob Mirza 
Acting General Secretary 
Dr Amir Burney 
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