The President Dr Amir Burney , General Secretary Mr Irfan Akhtar of APPNE and APPNE Executive committee members including Mr Syed Yusuf Iftikhar, Mr Naseem Waraich and Trustees Dr Shahab ullah Quraishi and Mr Amir Khan met with Dr Arshad Taqi , President of the Pakistan Medical Commission recently. 
In a meeting lasting nearly two hours the team from APPNE informed the distinguished President about APPNE’s vision and Democratic framework, APPNE’s work in academic, social , political and charitable activities across Pakistan 🇵🇰 and internationally ranging from Australia, Middle East , Europe and USA. The President of APPNE Dr Amir Burney presented APPNE’s past and current work to Dr Arshad Taqi. 
Dr Arshad Taqi gave a detailed overview of the newly formed PMC informing the APPNE team about the work and future visions of PMC. This included highlighting recently undertaken initiatives by the PMC and facilitating the overseas Pakistani medical diaspora in many relevant areas. 
Many matters of mutual interest including registration for overseas Pakistani Physicians undertaking clinical work for charitable organisations and clinical consultations via teleconferencing in Pakistan, process of renewing of registrations, recognition of experience certificates and Equivalence certifications and On line training of healthcare workers and role of Pakistani overseas medical diaspora were discussed at length. 
Following an engaging discussion on many matters of mutual interest and a highly interactive session, the work by PMC and APPNE was highly appreciated and it was agreed in principle to continually increase mutual contacts with the intention to further strengthen and formalise the association between the two organisations and work collaboratively towards helping both in Pakistan and the Pakistani Asian Diaspora across Europe. 
It was agreed that a second meeting will be organised in the coming weeks to further discuss matters of mutual interest. 
APPNE would like to express its gratitude to Dr Arshad Taqi, President PMC for his time, discussion and guidance. 
APPNE looks forward to future interactions and collaboration with the Pakistan Medical Commision. 
Dr Amir Burney 
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