ABOUT APPNE Association of Pakistani Physicians of Northern Europe 

A democratic organisation that will be the voice for all doctors of Pakistani heritage living in Northern Europe. 
Will support, advise, mentor and help raise the profile of its members while recognising their successes and achievements. 
APPNE will facilitate healthcare education and infrastructure in both the UK and Pakistan. 

Mission Statement 

“The Association shall be an independent, non-profit, professional and educational organisation incorporated in Northern Europe and shall have no substantial political affiliations. The Association is organized for educational and scientific purposes, and to provide a platform to Pakistani physicians for such activities.” 

Our History 

We are a democratic, representative organisation of doctors of Pakistani origin residing in Northern Europe and British Asian Pakistani graduates from medical schools in the UK and Europe. 
It is our mission to be the voice of these doctors and give them a singular platform, acknowledging their achievements and attainments. We aim to help junior doctors achieve excellence in patient care through educational programmes and to contribute to healthcare both in Pakistan and Northern Europe. We will endeavour to work in advisory capacities with various regulatory and training bodies to improve medical infrastructures, the quality of medical education, student exchange programmes and support for Pakistani doctors intending to travel to Europe for higher education and post graduate training. 
We would be most grateful for your support and envisage your advice and patronage both within Europe and Pakistan to help strengthen the mission of APPNE. It will be an honour and a great pleasure to work with the Government of Pakistan to promote healthcare in Pakistan and the welfare of Pakistani origin doctors in UK and Europe. We look forward to your participation at forthcoming APPNE events. 


MOUs with 

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