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(Version 2.111) 
1. NAME 
The name of this organization shall be the Association of Physicians of Pakistani-descent of Northern Europe (APPNE). 
The Association shall be an independent, non-profit, professional and educational organization incorporated in the United Kingdom and Europe, and shall have no substantial political affiliations or activities. 
This Association is organized for educational and scientific purposes, and to provide a platform to Pakistani physicians for such activities. 
3.1 One Community one voice 
3.2 To facilitate scientific research and education in the field of medicine and delivery of better health care, without regard to race, color, creed, gender, age or religion. 
3.3 To assist in welfare of physicians of Pakistani origin particularly in orientation and placement 
3.4 To institute ways and means to cooperate with other medical organizations in United Kingdom and Northern Europe 
3.5 To encourage medical education and delivery of better health care in Pakistan specifically by arranging donations of medical literature, medical supplies, and by arranging lecture tours, medical conferences, and seminars in Pakistan. 
3.6 To participate in medical relief and other charitable activities especially in Pakistan and in United Kingdom. To coordinate with other charities of same interest 
3.7 To develop student exchange programme for young doctors of Pakistani parents. 
3.8 To provide guidance and help for medico-legal circumstances 
3.9 To acknowledge the significant achievement of Pakistani doctors and get them recognised 
3.10 To facilitate Pakistani doctors to come to UK for training on MIT or fellowships 
4.1 Membership 
4.1.1 Any medical doctor shall be considered for membership who is of Pakistani origin graduated from Pakistani medical school/ European medical school. A member must be registered with GMC/ GDC/ European council and residing in the UK and northern Europe. 
4.1.2 The membership of the Association shall be of the following categories: 
a) Active (Paid) 
b) Associate/ Affiliate 
c) Honorary 
d) Students 
e) Life Membership 
4.1.3 Only active members shall be entitled to all the privileges of the Association including the right to vote and hold office. 
4.1.4 There will be annual membership fee £ 50 or equivalent 
4.1.5 Association have rights to refuse/ cancel the membership of particular individual and bound to reply in 21 days about the reasons for refusal 
4.1.6 Membership of the Association shall not be transferable 
4.1.7 Life membership shall be available to the interested ones for £300. 
4.2 Cancellation/ Termination of Membership 
4.2.1 Membership shall be cancelled/ terminated if a member fails to pay within three months of renewal of membership 
4.2.2 A member shall be removed from membership by a resolution of majority of Trustees that it is in the best interests of the association that his/ her membership is terminated 
4.2.3 Councillors / executive committee can also suggest to the trustees about a member to be removed if this is in the best interest of Association 
4.2.4 Above clauses (4.2.2, 4.2.3) shall also be applicable to life members 
5.1 General Body 
5.1.1 It shall consist of duly registered members of the Association, according to the provisions provided herein. 
5.2 Board of Trustees 
5.2.1 It shall consist of active members 
5.2.2 It shall act as the overseer and custodian of the Association. 
5.2.3 It shall have control of all fixed assets and property of the Association. 
5.2.4 It shall give the approval of executive committee members as suggested by office bearers following the elections. 
5.2.5 It shall make and approve the policies and work as think tank for Association 
5.2.6 It shall have one signatory with finance secretary or treasurer and approves the budget for events 
5.2.7 It shall ask the any member or whole of council/ executive committee to step down for the betterment of Association if any concern arises 
5.2.8 It shall nominate a person as Election commissioner to conduct elections / nominations 
5.2.9 It shall form the amendment committee to make certain changes in constitution 
5.2.10 It shall be part of executive committee 
5.3 Executive committee 
5.3.1 It shall include the elected representatives from different medical colleges by the votes of active members of APPNE. It shall have 10 members and shall have fixed term of 3 years 
5.3.2 It shall also include the office bearers 
5.3.3 It shall be the legislative and policy-making body of the Association and will have final approval from B.O.T. 
5.3.4 It shall fix the date and place of meetings with majority. 
5.3.5 It shall create and authorize the standing committees, as recommended by the President and General Secretary. 
5.3.6 It shall include active member elected by active members of APPNE 
5.3.7 It shall have elected members, nominated members and office bearers 
5.3.8 It shall include past president and upcoming president 
5.3.9 It shall nominate interim members as office bearers when required (when the post became vacant for any reason) till the end of tenure 
5.3.10 it shall hold elections for office bearers following approval from B.O.T 
5.3.11 Member shall not miss three consecutive meetings. Executive committee could request B.O.T to terminate the post but the membership will remain. 
5.4 Office Bearers 
5.4.1 It shall consist of the 
a- Elected President, 
b- Elected General Secretary, 
c- Elected Treasurer, 
d- Elected Joint Secretary 
e- Elected Social Secretary 
f- Nominated Academic Secretary 
g- Nominated LG Secretary (Local Graduate Rep) 
h- Nominated Overseas project Secretary 
i- Nominated press secretary 
j- Nominated European secretary 
5.4.2 It shall keep an up-to-date directory of members. 
5.4.3 It shall be responsible for management of the day to day affairs of the Association. 
5.4.4 It shall propose the annual budget and plans to the executive committee for approval. 
5.4.5 It shall make an effort to expand membership 
5.4.6 It shall have powers to nominate regional representative. Regions shall include the respective academic deaneries of UK. 
5.4.7 It shall nominate Europe representative 
5.4.8 It shall plan and organise social, academic, scientific and charity events locally and overseas 
5.4.9 It shall have fixed tenure of 2 years 
5.4.10 it shall engage local graduates and European graduates by holding events in different medical schools and provide support 
5.4.11 it shall nominate members for APPNE annual award for significant achievement in different categories 
6.1 President, General Secretary, Treasurer, Joint Secretary and Social Secretary shall be elected by the active members of APPNE by electoral process and shall have endorsement of B.O.T 
6.2. LG Secretary (Local Graduate Rep), overseas project Secretary, press secretary and European secretary shall be nominated by elected committee with close discussion of council members 
6.3 Executive committee members shall be elected by active members to vote 
6.4 Each trustee, executive member and office bearers shall maintain physical residence in UK/ Europe during his/her tenure. 
6.5 Regional representatives can be nominated/ elected by particular region 
7.1 Association Finances 
7.1.1 Funds and expenses for the Association activities shall be financed by annual dues, events savings, voluntary contributions, donations, fixed assets and sponsors 
7.1.2 Annual membership dues and assessments shall be fixed by the B.O.T and Council 
7.1.3 The financial status of the Association shall be presented by the Treasurer to the general membership at its annual general body meeting. 
7.1.4 All net earnings shall remain the property of APPNE and B.O.T are held responsible for this. They can make use of such capital with majority for particular project of general public benefit here or overseas 
7.1.5 None of the trustee / active member be a beneficiary, directly or indirectly from the capital / assets of the Association 
7.1.6 All office bearers shall not ask for salary and shall remain voluntary 
7.2 Charity Finances 
7.2.1 Charity funds shall be collected on 0% administrative cost. 
7.2.2 Charities shall be selected on merit basis by council and executive committee with majority consensus 
7.2.3 Charity funds shall not be used by Association or member of association for their personal benefits or networking 
7.2.4 None of the income or property of the Charity may be paid or transferred directly or indirectly by way of dividend bonus or otherwise by way of profit to any member of the Association 
7.2.5 Charities shall be nominated on rotation basis as recommended by Executive committee/ Charity Committee. 
7.2.6 Nominated charities could be more than one or as agreed by committee 
7.3 Fixed Assets 
7.3.1 Board of trustee shall be responsible for buying and selling of fixed assets with majority vote for the benefit of Association. 
7.3.2 Fixed assets shall remain the property of APPNE 
7.3.3 Fixed assets shall be looked after by B.O.T 
7.3.4 Earnings from the fixed assets shall remain under custody of association for use of association. 
8.1 Steering group shall embed the structure of organisation and hold the elections in 2 years as per the constitutition. 
8.2 Steering group shall consist of active members with agreement on the APPNE constitution from all/majority of medical schools from Pakistan. 
8.3 Steering group can recruit new committee members as and when required with simple majority 
8.4 Steering group will be working with in the constitution to work towards clause 4 and 5 of the constitution. 
8.5 Steering group shall have / delegate fixed tasks and deadline within the committee members to achieve the target. 
8.6 Steering group shall meet on regular basis (once a month/ once 
every two months) to assess the work progress on clause 4 and 5 
8.7 Steering group can ask committee member to step down with simple majority in the best interest of the organisation 
8.8 Steering group shall work on Delphi method for any issue that may arise. 
8.9 Steering group shall have interim chair/ office bearers within the committee to keep the chain of command and hierarchy 
8.10 Steering group members could contest the elections at any given post as independent candidate 
8.11 Steering group shall cease to work and dissolve once the elected body hold the offices. 
9.1.0 Chapters 
9.1.1 Working committee shall facilitate the regional chapters and nominate regional representative 
9.1.2 There shall be one or more representatives for one region/ chapters 
9.1.3 Region / chapter shall be according to the deanery division of UK and countries in northern Europe 
9.1.4 Regional/ chapter representative shall be renewable on annual basis 
9.1.5 Regional/ chapter representative shall report to Joint secretary and can be invited for central office bearers meetings when and where applicable 
9.2.0 Affiliate organisations 
9.2.1 Affiliate organisations shall include the Alumni of various medical schools unless objected by 25 % of APPNE members from the respective medical school 
9.2.2 They shall apply to the office bearers for affiliation and shall be approved by them with simple majority of executive committee. 
9.2.3 They shall be able to hold their own meeting under APPNE umbrella at time of APPNE events with prior permission. 
9.2.4 it shall be based on yearly renewal basis and may apply fee in future as approved by executive committee 
9.3.0 Auxiliary organisations 
9.3.1 Any organisation medical/ non-medical who wish to be considered as auxiliary organisation shall apply directly to B.O.T 
9.3.2 They shall abide by the APPNE constitution 
9.3.3 They shall keep their independent identity and APPNE will not be responsible for their other activities. 
9.3.4 Their role shall remain limited and will be defined by B.O.T with majority vote 
9.3.5 APPNE executive committee and elected office bearers can pass the resolution with simple majority to withdraw the auxiliary status 
10.1 Amendments shall not be allowed to change the clause 5.2 and 5.3 
10.2 Amendments to this Constitution can be initiated by one of the following 
10.3 Once established 30 percent of Active members or one third members of the Association in good standing, whichever is greater. 
10.4 Two third majority of executive members. 
10.5 Simple majority of Board of Trustees. 
10.6 B.O.T shall be forming the amendment committee 
10.7 The executive committee will accept, reject or amend these proposals with atleast two-thirds majority. 
10.8 It shall accept an amendment and seek final approval from B.O.T before sent to the General Body. 
10.9 These amendments will then be circulated to the general body members at least 30 days in advance of the annual general body meeting for approval 
10.10 At AGM amendment shall be approved only when it receives more than 50% of votes of total active membership. 
10.11 The amendments rejected by the executive committee/ B.O.T shall be returned to the amendment committee who may resubmit it with additional signatures from 5% of the active members or 200 members of the Association in good standing in which case these amendments shall be circulated to the general membership 30 days prior to the annual meeting and will be presented to the general body for a vote. 
11.0 Responsibilities 
11.1 President 
11.1.1 President shall be an active member and shall be head of organisation 
11.1.2 President shall deliver annual speech on overall performance of the organisation and future activities for the respective term 
11.1.3 President term shall remain for 2 years and will remain part of executive committee for another 1 year 
11.1.4 President vote considered authoritative in case of tie during any matter arise during executive meetings. 
11.1.5 President shall perform the duties as delegated by executive committee with simple majority if required and where apply. 
11.1.6 President shall not contest for another term or any other office bearer post. 
11.1.7 President shall be supported by general secretary for networking with other organisations here and abroad 
11.1.8 President-elect or general secretary shall act as acting president in the absence of president or if post becomes vacant for any reason. 
11.2 General Secretary 
11.2.1 General Secretary shall be an active member of the 
11.2. 2 General Secretary shall be responsible for calling minimum 4 meeting in a year or more on behalf of executive committee. 
11.2.3 General Secretary shall be responsible for paperwork and minutes of the meetings. He/ She can delegate such jobs to Joint Secretary 
11.2.4 General Secretary shall send out all official letters, notices, certificates and committee meeting notices 
11.2.5 General Secretary and President shall be contacting other professional organisations in UK and abroad. 
11.2.6 General Secretary shall be undertaking all other responsibilities imposed or agreed by executive committee 
11.2.7 General Secretary shall be presiding the meetings and responsible for circulating the minutes 
11.2.8 General Secretary shall be record keeper or can delegate this responsibility to Joint Secretary 
11.3 Joint Secretary 
11.3.1 Joint Secretary shall be an active member of the 
11.3. 2 Joint Secretary shall be a helping hand to the General Secretary 
11.3. 3 Joint Secretary shall be undertaking all responsibilities delegated to him by General Secretary or Executive committee 
11.3. 4 Joint Secretary shall be acting as General Secretary in his/her absence or if post becomes vacant for any reason. 
11.3. 5 Joint Secretary shall be coordinating with subcommittees 
11.4 Treasurer 
11.4. 1 A treasurer shall be an active member of the association 
11.4. 2 A treasurer shall keep the financial record updated 
11.4. 3 A treasurer shall provide annual financial report to AGM and quarterly report to executive committee 
11.4. 4 A treasurer shall present audit after every event 
11.4. 5 A treasurer shall be one signatory for the account along with one trustee to release the funds 
11.4. 6 A treasurer shall keep the record of membership and payments 
11.4. 7 A treasurer shall be releasing funds after approval from executive committee in accordance with 11.4.5 
11.4. 8 A treasurer shall be undertaking all other responsibilities imposed or agreed by executive committee 
11.5 Social Secretary 
11.5.1 Social Secretary shall be an active member of the organisation 
11.5. 2 Social Secretary shall be responsible for organising the events, conferences and courses after approval from executive committee 
11.5. 3 Social Secretary shall be asking the executive committee members to assist and lead the organising committee where possible 
11.5. 4 Social Secretary shall be coordinating with any other committee being suggested by executive committee to organise any particular event. 
11.5. 5 Social Secretary shall be undertaking all other responsibilities imposed or agreed by executive committee 
12.1 following are membership types as per 4.1.2 
a) Active (Paid) 
b) Associate/ Affiliate 
c) Honorary 
d) Students 
e) Life Membership 
12.2 Active Member 
12.2.1 Active membership shall be open to anyone who has graduated from a recognized medical or dental school in Pakistan or anyone of Pakistani descent who has graduated from a recognized medical, dental, school anywhere in the world. 
12..2 .2 An active member must hold an unrevoked GMC/ GDC or European council registration 
12.2. 3 only paid members shall be active member 
12.2. 4 Membership year shall be from December 1st to November 30th. 
12.2. 5 Active membership shall be for resident of Northern Europe 
12.2. 6 Life members shall be considered as active members 
12.2. 7 Only executive committee can reduce or waive the membership fee depending on the circumstances of active member 
12.3 Associate/ Affiliate members 
12.3. 1 Associate/ affiliate membership shall be granted to persons engaged in human sciences and health care related services, pharmacist, optometrist or physicians not in practice or working in the industry. 
12.3. 2 Associate/ affiliate members shall be able to serve on sub- committees as approved by executive committee 
12.3. 3 Associate/ affiliate members shall not have the right to vote or hold any office in the Association. 
12.3.4 Associate/ affiliate membership shall pay the 50% of normal annual membership fee. 
12.3. 5 Retired physicians can apply for affiliate/ associate membership without membership fee, however 12.3.2 and 12.3.3 shall apply to them 
12.4 Honorary members 
12.4.1 The Association shall grant an honorary membership to any person distinguished for services or attainments in medicine or the allied sciences or for humanity 
12.4. 2 Honorary members shall be able to serve on sub- committees as approved by executive committee 
12.4. 3 Honorary members shall not have the right to vote or hold any office in the Association. 
12.5 Student Members 
12.5.1 Any medical / medicine and allied student of Pakistani descent/ origin is eligible for student membership. 
12.5.2 They shall be exempted from paying annual membership fee. 
12.5. 3 Student members shall be able to serve on sub- committees as approved by executive committee 
12.5. 4 Student members shall not have the right to vote or hold any office in the Association. 
12.6 Life Members 
12.6.1 Life membership shall be granted to active members only. 
12.6.2 life members shall have right to vote and shall be able to hold office 
12.6.3 life membership shall be limited and executive committee have rights to extend further after approval from B.O.T 
12.6.4 Life members shall have discount on events/ courses/ conference or any other APPNE event as agreed by executive committee 
A democratic organisation that will be the voice for all doctors of Pakistani heritage living in Northern Europe. 
will support, advise, mentor and help raise the profile of its members while recognising their successes and achievements. 
APPNE will facilitate healthcare education and infrastructure in both the UK and Pakistan. 
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